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SATURDAY 2 MARCH 2024 1.00 - 2.00PM

  • Starts 2 Mar
  • 99 British pounds
  • Worcester Dogs Training Field, Kempsey WR5 3PA

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Service Description

Does it sometimes, or perhaps often, feel like your dog doesn't notice you when you are on a walk together? Do you find off-lead walks stressful? Do you dream of being able to let them off lead without them running off to greet every single dog or person they see? Do you worry what mischief they can get into and would like more confidence in letting them 'off the lead'? Would you like you dog to come back to you first time, every time? Would you like to whistle train your dog to save you from shouting across the park? Do you wish your dog would CHOOSE YOU over another dog or person? If you've answered "YES" to any of the questions above then on our 4 week RECALL RESCUE is the course for you and your dog. You will learn games, techniques and methods that will improve your dog's focus on you, build your relationship and reinforce the bond between you both. WHAT WILL I LEARN? √ Whistle training - learn how to whistle train your dog in just 1 minute a day √ Learn the value of treats/toys/praise and play and discover what motivates your individual dog √ Discover how using modern training methods such as the 'Premack principle' (or Grandma's law) "if you eat your vegetables you can eat dessert" can help improve your dogs decision making √ Have fun with your dog through our range of recall games. We will show you how to play a different game each week which includes some NEW recall games for 2023 √ Learn all about using pattern games on your walk and how teaching predictability can elevate your recall √ Teach your dog an emergency “STOP!” √ Teach your dog to ignore and come away from distractions including dogs, people and moving toys IS THIS COURSE RIGHT FOR ME AND MY DOG? YES √ My dog is very sociable and I need help with general recall issues √ My dog has reached adolescence and is ignoring me on a walk and I would like to get back on track. √ I have an older / rescue dog and could do with a refresher √ My dog is great at home and when there are no distractions but I am less confident letting them off the lead. NO X My dog has a very high prey drive (you may be better suited to our Chase Recall Masterclass or a 1:1 training package) X My dog is nervous or reactive to other dogs or people *PLEASE NOTE* Our recall classes run outside so lessons may need to be rescheduled in cases of bad weather If you are unsure if this class is right for you, please give us a call on 01905 821551 or email and we will be happy to help

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01905 821551

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