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From Monday 1 August 2022 all new Behaviour Support enquiries need to be made through Sandra's seperate busines Beech Behaviour Centre Ltd. This business is also owned and run by Sandra Raw and dedicated solely to helping people and their dogs who are experiencing behavioural issues. Worcester Dogs is still owned and run by Sandra and committed to providing the very best puppy and dog training classes and 1:1 support.

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Puppy & Dog Classes

6 week puppy or dog training in small, friendly classes for happy, contented puppies.

1:1 Dog Training

Sometimes 1:1 training sessions work best for you, your puppy or your older dog.

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Masterclasses for Everyone

Join a masterclass for targetted training to achieve success for your dog.

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Children with a dog

Good Citizen KC

At any age, your dog can benefit from the Kennel Club dog training scheme.

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Gun Dog Training

Harness your dog's natural ability to use it's nose and practice core obedience.

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Sandra Raw

BA (Hons), Dip Ed, MRes, Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB), Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) 

Sandra Raw is a highly experienced Animal Behaviourist providing consultation for over 12 years on referral only. She believes that every dog is an individual and each case is treated as such. Working with you every step of the way and alongside your vet, ensures your dog has the very best treatment plan. Sandra has a Masters degree in Anthrozoology from University of West of England. She is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and is a full member of  the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).


Michelle Scott

Advanced APDT &
Kennel Club Trainer

Michelle joined Worcester Dogs as an office assistant, dog walker and dog holiday home boarder. She soon worked her way up to class assistant and eventually ran her own puppy classes. Her passion is for puppies and young dogs, as she recognises that this is where early intervention and support can help to prevent behavioural issues occurring. After 3 years of offering puppy class support, in 2019 she passed the APDT Dog Training Instructors Advanced course.


Just letting you know how proud I am of Ava today. We have just got back from training at the Countryside centre. It is like Blackpool beach today up there. Perfect training scenario. Ava was a superstar with dogs and screaming running children alike. Am so grateful to you! xx

Raj and Ava

I think you have given me my life back with Ted. I have had over the last two days the most amazing walks with Ted off the lead and responding to the whistle. Still vigilant but so much more relaxed. So thank you!

Claire, David and Ted

Just had the most wonderful morning with my boy!  Perfect recall and even trotted happily up to several people and sniffed them! Tail wagging , happy face and even took the treat beautifully off the pet shop assistant. Honestly, it was like a different dog!!

Suzie and Milo