What to Bring to Class & Where They Take Place

What To Bring To Class

1. A bed, blanket or mat to train on – if your puppy has not received all of their vaccinations or is a little sensitive to grass

2. High Value Treats and bring more than you think you might need! We recommend any of the following: small pieces of chicken, turkey, sausage, ham, cheese or a combination of a few.


TOP TIP - If your puppy is on a dry food, mix a handful of their kibble in with the high value treats several hours before so the biscuits take on the flavour of the other tasty treats. This is a good option for anyone worried about their dogs weight or those with a sensitive tummy or on a restricted diet. - If possible, please try to avoid bringing dry puppy biscuit type training treats or biscuits as they are not high value enough for the tasks in our class.

Please inform us if you bring any fish treats due to a staff allergy


3. Depending on which class time you are on, it may be best NOT to feed your dog their full meal before coming to class. It is common for puppies to be travel sick which can cause them to feel distressed about being in the car

4. Please bring a suitable treat pouch or pocket. Please do not use plastic sandwich bags during training for dog safety reasons

5. A normal length dog lead for lead walking tasks. We do not allow the use of retractable leads or slip leads other than to walk your dog to and from the training area

6. A collar and/or harness with your dogs ID tag on – this is a legal requirement when out in a public place

7. Water bowl and water, we always have spares so don’t worry if you forget

8. A favourite toy, teddy or even a filled Kong or chew can be useful to keep puppy occupied between exercises but not essential to bring.




As we work through the course, we may ask you to bring other items with you for different tasks. Here is a short list of other training items you may wish to purchase with pictures below for reference, but don’t worry if you forget something, we usually have some spares with us.

1. Long training/recall line - Typically between 3m and 10m in length and ideally with a reinforced handle (for your safety) Please avoid rope style leads or Nylon long leads as these can cause serious injury to hands. Our favourite long lines are made by ‘Toozey’

2.  A clicker – the ones with a wristband are very handy

3. A whistle. We find that the ‘ACME Gun Dog’ type whistles are the best around. We don’t recommend silent whistles or referee whistles. 

Locations of Our Classes



(From Worcester Ketch roundabout)

Continue on the A38 through Kempsey village. The speed limit changes from 30mph to 50mph. Shortly after on your right you will pass ‘Hartlands Plant Centre’, continue for about ½ a mile until you come to the Edwards Volvo / Mazda / Kia car dealers. Turn left opposite the car dealers (signposted Kerswell Green / Croome / Birch Green)  As you turn off the main road, you will see a bungalow on the corner. Immediately after the bungalow on your right there is a large wooden gate with the Worcester Dogs Training banner on it which is the entrance to our field.


Please drive through the gate into the field and park in the allocated parking area which is taped off for you (unless directed otherwise by one of our staff.) Occasionally our field can become waterlogged in the event of heavy rain and we may need you to park on the road so please exercise extra caution getting your dogs out of the car in those situations.


Kempsey Community Centre

Plovers Rise